The RECREATE project main objective is to improve the ERDF regional strategy for 2014 – 2020 for each partner region in addressing transport SME competitiveness. The project will provide the policy makers with the necessary evidence and a solid knowledge base to better channel funds for supporting transport SME competitiveness.

RECREATE will focus on the opportunities that new markets offer to innovative and dynamic transport SMEs through adaption of regional support schemes. It will improve the capacity and capability of regional transport SMEs to further develop and grow. This will include support for Research and Development, rapid development and implementation of products and services, access to finance schemes and internationalisation opportunities.

The main objectives of RECREATE are:

RECREATE will adopt a holistic approach to SME support by improving all the relevant schemes that could potentially deliver growth to the regional transport SMEs. This will drive the identification and development of support mechanisms in the transport SME sector and will ultimately deliver Action Plans and policy recommendations for evidence – based policy improvement.

The specific sub-objectives include:

  • To define the landscape: this task will analyse the status quo and provide insights on political imperatives, research agendas and future prospects. The project will study the transport SME schemes knowledge base, while the stakeholders involved in the transport SME competitiveness level will be mapped.
  • To understand the conditions: the project is expected to review and assess good practices. These will be validated while ‘transferability’ factors of these schemes and their potential application in other region will be explored.
  • To deliver the future: Policy recommendations on SME support initiatives will be provided while each of the regions involved will elaborate an ‘Action Plan’.
  • To develop a learning framework and process: the project will support knowledge transfer and exchange through the organisation of study visits and thematic workshops.

A significant change that project will bring is the transferable frames for dialogue and mutual learning process involving experts to bring state of the art insights and provide feedback, policy makers shaping their short and long term agendas and citizens who will integrate their hopes and concerns, viewpoints and ideas adding significant value to the process. Specific solutions will be elaborated in a participatory way in each partner territory enhancing the use of sustainable mobility solutions and contributing to substantial reduction of the carbon footprint, both policy-makers and inhabitants benefitting from the outcomes.

The RECREATE partnership includes Coventry University Enterprise Ltd (UK) – project coordinator, Campania Region (Italy), Development Agency of South Aegean Region-READ S.A. (Greece), Lithuanian Innovation Centre (Lithuania) and Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia (Romania).

RECREATE programme is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund, and is delivered by Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.

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